Study in USA

Each Pakistani student has a dream to study in the country they just see on TV or in movies. Whenever we hear AMERICA the dreams of the Statue of Liberty and a lavish life style streak through our brains. However, a couple of individuals can experience this lavishness in reality. Numerous students are misguided by many advisors, they spend a large number of rupees but they have nothing at the end in their hands. These people guarantee clients a quick visa application and afterward make lame excuses. Different student are overpowered by the whole strategy and surrender their ambition. As an initial step, you want to know what necessary arrangements are needed. What Pakistani student should exactly does while selecting a study destination? It is neither suggested nor advises to just gather your bag packs and fly to the USA with practically no appropriate preparation; with no information about how will you manage the cost of it. Think carefully and plan the strategy. As a matter of fact, consider what precisely your aim is and which factor will influence it? Do you prefer most costly college or university, or a modestly evaluated and top ranked university will be fine? Does a campus accommodation suit you? Could you prefer a separate apartment?

The following are a couple of elements to choose while picking an American college and university:

  • The expense and filed of course you wish to study
  • The fee of the college or university
  • The expense of university accommodation and its nearby private apartments
  • The political dependability and resistance level of the country
  • Simplicity of visa application process
  • Career and learning opportunity in the country

Let us explore the dream opportunity in a lifetime if a student gets a chance to study in USA as a destination country.

Why USA?

Wherever you decide to study in any country of the world, Different countries have different ways of teaching. An international education of another country will help you explore your academic horizons and develop your skills according to different educational environments. This will help you to adopt a very different style of teaching at university. This boosts your confidence, challenging preconceptions and communicating clearly and persuasively.

Top colleges/university in world:

Numerous Pakistani students won’t be surprised to observe that the United States has the most top position college and university in the world. America has 150 top colleges, as indicated by the QS World University Rankings. In truth, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the world’s highest level college, and it is situated in the United States.

Government and private scholarship:

A decision for USA as a destination appears bank-breaking, and numerous Pakistanis quit the idea. However, you have to aware that some partial and fully funded scholarship is available. The various student exchange programs among America and Pakistan make the ways for great scholarship. They include;

  • Entryway Millennium Scholarship
  • Fulbright Scholarship
  • East Tennessee State University International Students
  • To get these, you should either accomplish incredible grades or be acknowledged into a full-time course at the relevant institution.

Part time job:

If the expenses in the US are not bearable for you, you have some superb news. While you study in USA, you will be allowed to work 20 hours out of every week, and you might change to everyday work during breaks. This will positively free you from financial pressure.

Politically stable country:

America is a superpower! Their powerful political, business, and battle ready positions are appealing. As you’ll find in the following point, settling down in such a prosperous country will be an experience as well as financial rewarding.

Career opportunity:

Excellent job position is available for international students when the complete their degree. The US is home to the famous organizations like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Alphabet Inc, Facebook, Johnson and Jonson, Intel, IBM, and some more! After your fruitful employing in any of these, a brilliant future is surely ensuring.

How to apply in USA?

The application and admission process in any college in the USA won’t be difficult if you followed the basic procedure.

  • Initially, don’t overreact.
  • Search an institution to get application structures to secure your admission.
  • You may be asked to write an essay along with your application.
  • Take relevant test like TOEFL, SAT, ACT, or IELTS
  • For the planning of IELTS, AR education consultant Team will be a helpful and reasonable choice.
  • Pick your favorite college/university after the receipt of offer letters and pay the fee.
  • Apply for a study visa.
  • Packs your bags!

Visa process:

Pakistani student afraid of application process for a study visa, however it is generally a simple procedure

  • After securing a seat at any American college, you will get an I-20 Form. Keep it with you all through the visa process.
  • Pay the SEVIS expense.
  • Finish up your information on the DS-160 structure online.
  • Pay the visa expense.
  • Ready for an interview.
  • Prepare for an interview with AR education Consultant services.
  • Make sure to take the important documents with you on the date of the interview

The AR education consultant in Lahore can assist you in all process as our team ensures the provision of best possible professional services for dealing with student’s foreign education related matters.