Postgraduate Study Programs

The United Kingdom is worldwide recognized for its excellent education system and quality of research. Moreover, in many UK universities, students can complete their masters within just one year which also attracts foreign students to study in UK universities.

Masters’ Degree: Students need to complete their four year’s bachelor’s degree to enroll in a UK master’s program. This degree allows students to achieve more in-depth knowledge of undergraduate course of degree. There are two types of master’s degree available in the UK universities. Such as,

  • Masters of Coursework (Taught)
  • Masters of Thesis (Research)

Qualification Requirements for Postgraduate Study:

  1. Pre-Master’s Programme
    • Undergraduate degree.
    • An IELTS score of  5.5 to 6
  2. Master’s Degree
    • Have an upper second class or first undergraduate degree or a Pre-Master’s degree.
    • An IELTS score of 6 to 7 (depending on the University).
  3. MBA
    • First undergraduate degree.
    • Two to three years of business experience.
    • An IELTS score of 6.5 to 7.0.

Some Common and Popular Master’s Degrees are:

1. Masters of Arts/ MA:

This is a large number of humanities and sociology fields. The students from humanities and sociology can enroll for this degree, as the area of humanities and sociology are gigantic students have more choices to explore new fields.

  • Master in World Literature
  • MA in International Education
  • Masters in Management and Strategic Leadership

2. Master of Science (MSc):

Some of the UK universities favour students from a science background where some are considerable.

  • MSc Clinical Psychology
  • MS in Animal Biotechnology
  • MSc in Computer Science
  • MSc IT
  • MSc in Computer Science

3. Masters of Engineering:

It is a wide range of engineering specific fields. Most engineering courses prefer students from same undergraduate degree and work experience.


4. Masters of Law (LLM):

The future lawyers who have already done their LLB can enroll in this course.

  • LLM and Criminal Law
  • LLM and International Law
  • LLM and Legal Advice
  • Master of LLM and Legal Studies
  • LLM and Public Law

5. Master of Business Administration (MBA):

This is a highly specific and globally recognized course of degree. The students who want to build their career in business/ corporate areas enroll in this course. Students from any genre can enroll in this course after completing their undergraduate studies. Students might need to have work experience for getting admission in this department.

  • MBA with international Management
  • MBA with Strategy
  • MBA with Finance Leadership
  • MBA with Marketing
  • MBA Operations Management

6. Conversion of Course:

The students who want to change their subject and wish to explore a new field can enroll in this course. For example, you might study Computer Science in your bachelor period but now you want to study Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Mostly, students just need an undergraduate degree and EPT score to enroll in this course. However, some courses do not accept conversion students.

  • Marketing and International Business.
  • Computer Science (Master’s in Business Administration, Computer Science major)
  • Economics (MBA)
  • Marketing Management.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Strategy.