Pre-Departure Services

Just before students depart to the new country, we hold an event called a Pre-Departure Session where our team of experienced advisors along with higher management gives insight into various aspects of a student’s life in abroad. Planning your journey to the UK or other Country is exciting, but there is a lot to think about!

Documents you need to take with you:

  • Your passport, with a valid visa if you need one (see Visas)
  • Travel itinerary and tickets.
  • A letter of acceptance from your university;
  • Recent bank statements (and proof of your scholarship, if you have one, or sponsor’s letter), as you may be asked for evidence that you can cover your tuition and accommodation fees.
  • Originals (or certified true copies) of any degree certificates or technical qualifications
  • If you’re bringing any prescribed medication with you, bring a letter from your doctor explaining what it is for.

Additional Information:

  • When you’re travelling, bring the address of your new university, plus the telephone number and ideally the name of a member of staff. This way you can reach help quickly if you need it.
  • You are likely to need health and travel insurance. There are many companies specializing in international student insurance. Make sure you are covered if you need to be. Ask your university for advice – they may offer a special insurance policy for their students. For information about vaccinations and other health-related considerations, see our Health article.
  • Check with your airline what you can bring with you. Most airlines charge for excess baggage.
  • Leave plenty of time to check in and pass through security control before boarding connecting flights – there can be long queues.
  • If you need help once you arrive in the UK, ask at an official tourist information office or information desk.
  • Make sure you bring warm clothes with you. It might be cold… or when you arrive! If it’s winter, bring a thick jumper (sweater) and warm coat too.
  • For your journey, you may need money for public transport, food and customs charges. Bring around £200 in traveller. International airports also have money exchange services, and ATMs to withdraw cash in British Pounds Sterling with a compatible debit or credit card.

Arriving at the Airport:

‘Arrivals’ will take you to passport control. Here, electronic screens will show you where to go – there are usually separate queues for passengers who have passports from the UK, EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland, and for all other passport holders. Once you have completed the immigration process (see the UKCISA website for more details about immigration and customs), you’ll proceed to the baggage reclaim area to collect your luggage. Look at the screens above the baggage carousels to find your flight number. Finally, you’ll pass through Customs Control.

Airport Pickup Service:

Our continuous service includes all type of support for a new student. It is worth mentioning that after entering the United Kingdom new students face many difficulties to adjust themselves. Our experts will be dedicated to providing all type of required guidelines. As an agent, we will be happy to direct you to your sponsor institute. If you are flying to the United Kingdom and you need airport pick up, please contact us at least 48 hours before.