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Study in Canada

Canada has slowly gained recognition as a favored destination for higher education during the previous 8,9 years. For overseas students seeking higher education, it is quickly becoming among the most popular places. A combination of high-quality education, internship opportunities, and liberal government policies on post study work and immigration makes the ideal setting for Indian students. It doesn’t get any better than this, especially given the inexpensive living costs! Many prospective international students are interested in Study in Canada since it has become an outstanding location for education. 

As a result, international students from all over the world are now welcome in Canada, which explains why it has been so prominent in this concern. With a low crime rate, Canada is one of the safest country in the world. As per Global News, Canada is indeed the world’s second-highest-quality-of-life country in terms of social advancement and development. With a low crime rate, Canada is among the least dangerous countries on the planet. 

According to Global News, Canada has the second greatest quality of life in the world in terms of social advancement and development. AR Education Consultants also provide Study Visa in UKStudy Visa in Australia, Study Visa in USA and IELTS Preparation Classes. Universities in Canada are important to the country’s status being a worldwide research player. Universities conduct 40% of Canada’s research and development, making them one of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and group of eight (G8) countries with the highest rates of academic research. 

Study Visa in Canada

Receiving a student visa for Canada appears to have been an easy process, however it can be difficult at times. Though most students believe that obtaining an admission letter is still the most challenging component of the pre-study overseas phase, acquiring a study permit might be even more tough.

Factors for Decline of a Canada Student Visa

According to CIC, 30 percent of student visa applications in Canada are rejected. A study visa application to Canada may be refused due a variety of reasons. The rejection letter sent visa officials will include these grounds. The most prevalent grounds for Canadian student visa refusal are listed below.

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Insufficient Evidence of Financial Support

Whenever you apply for a visa, you must establish showing you have enough money to maintain yourself inside Canada. All overseas students must demonstrate whether they have the funds to cover the tuition fees for the first year of study, as well as their living expenses. If you can’t show that you can feed yourself financially, your request will be denied.

Insufficient Academic Excellence

While strong grades are important for visa acceptance, your English language skills are equally important. A visa officer may mistrust your capacity to deal with Canada’s present school system if you have an irregular grade and a low score. Several of the reasons for the refusal of a student visa in Canada is this

Choosing the Wrong Study Program

If the visa officer doesn’t understand why, you choose your academic program or degree of study, your visa application may be denied. For instance, if a nurse with a bachelor’s degree and four years of experience wishes to study hotel management in Canada, this could raise questions, and the visa application will be denied. If your study program looks unusual, you must explain why you want to study it in your statement of purpose, based on your previous education.

Doubts about the Country's desire to Leave

A study visa is a temporary visa with a set duration of validity and a set date of expiration. You must demonstrate towards the immigration officer that you would depart the area once your student visa expires in your visa application. You must have solid reasons to go to your native nation. Your statement of purpose is the greatest method to address this concern. Be care for all Requirements for University and Canada Country side. 

Study in Canada for Pakistani Student

Students with a study visa in Canada are permitted to work part-time during their studies. After completing their studies, students are granted a Post-Study-Work-Visa. Students gain actual multi-cultural exposure by living in Canada. A study visa is the quickest way to become a permanent resident of Canada and obtain a Canadian passport. Canada is one of only two countries in the world that allows immigration based on points. Students in Canada rarely suffer financial difficulties because their tuition fees are among the lowest of all English-speaking countries, and they also offer co-op programs. Canada boasts one of the world’s greatest educational systems.


Strategies to Lower Your Chances of Getting a Student Visa in Canada

Now that you know the most common grounds for visa denial, here are some helpful hints for avoiding visa denial:
Make a list of all the documents you’ll need for the visa application. Fill out the visa application form completely and carefully. Make sure to include a copy of the offer letter from the Canadian university. You must provide sufficient financial documentation to support your stay in Canada during your studies. If you have work experience, you must present income slips or bank statements to confirm it. In the visa file, you should include all travel histories and visa rejections (if any). While applying online, do not leave any questions unanswered on the CIC website.

The statement of intent is crucial since it provides the visa officer with an overview of your qualifications. Mention your academic accomplishments and your desire to study in Canada. For the visa application, this declaration of purpose is critical. If you need Visa Consultants in Lahore, or Study in Australia, Study in USA, Study in UK then contact at AR Education Consultants.

How we can help you getting Admission in Canada

Securing admission to the university and getting all the processes done can be a messy process. It can, at the same time, be very tricky and delusory. We are here to make this process easiest as possible for you. In the whole process, we will give you the following services.

Preparing your application for the university
Prepare you for IELTS
Prepare you for the university interview
Preparing your application for the embassy
Preparing you for the embassy interview
Giving you accommodation guidance
Giving you job guidance