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Pakistani students are more interested in studying abroad for graduation as well as post–graduation. The reason to select an unfamiliar country for higher education didn’t exist rather then we research about the statics of years and years prior. Government colleges in Pakistan used to create graduate might perform well in any profession. With the expansion in the number of private colleges and higher educational expense structure, students gradually began to search for higher education in outside nations. This trend has developed such a lot these days, a large number of the students like to select a western country to seek a graduate degree. The motivation to select a foreign country as a destination for higher education different among students however the goal is the same i.e., to get education in well ranked university.

Western universities generally have admission in the fall semester for graduation and post-graduation however some universities offer two intakes per year. Thus, it is recommended to consult an education advisor who assists you with the application procedure. Here are few significant points that why do you need to consult an education advisor for study abroad:

Global Applications are rising:

The number of students focusing on study abroad is constantly expanding, which in outcome builds the competition among students. A few universities even offers two intakes per year which further expands the competition. Students don’t know about these patterns and if they do not consult an advisor they probably do not get admission.

Direct Relations with the Universities:

 Education advisor are in direct contact with numerous colleges in the UK, USA, and Australia. Students who apply to different universities cannot get instant response from university without the help of foreign student education advisor. Since they have done much admission before, they can guide you about the whole cycle and if they see some necessary points, regardless of how minor it might be, they can guide you accordingly.


Applying for graduation or post-graduation program can be a time taking cycle. Students usually apply for study abroad in the last phases of the intermediate education level. At this phase you will not distract from your studies as you believe that your future are in secure hands and direction by education consultant.

Visa Assistance:

Many students who got admission in foreign universities have a fear of visa refusal. When you apply by consulting an education advisor he will always guide you about every step of visa filing. They prepared your all documents required by embassy. They also guide you about whole procedure and interview conducted by embassy.

Experience Matters:

The search for finding the best university according to your interests, previous education and budget can be a difficult and tricky procedure. Education counselors, with their expertise about the knowledge of all world famous universities, make things easiest for you by guiding you about the universities whose eligibility criteria can be met best by you.


Education advisor understand that adjusting to a new place can be difficult. So, to make you feel like home at a new country, they ensure that you receive all the support regarding accommodation.

Part Time Job Guidance:

Most of the countries now have introduced some flexible terms for doing jobs pat time. Education consultant guide you about their rules, fixed job hours, available jobs and even job finding assistance once you have arrived the destination.

Pre-Departure Services:

 Moving to another country can be difficult for many individuals. Education consultant   guides you about Pre and Post Departure Services to every student. This includes students’ accommodation requirements, itinerary preparation, flight bookings and other forms of assistance that a student.

AR Education Consultants is well known in high quality services in United Kingdom and Pakistan since 2002. We are marked as one of the most specialized overseas education consultancies in United Kingdom and Pakistan providing life stunning opportunities by connecting students with top ranking educational institutions around the world. We provide a vibrant and friendly environment for the students to deal with their fears for studying abroad.