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Study Abroad

Holding an international degree isn’t just about extending your profession and personal developments   yet in addition about having a life time experience. International universities offer more options of courses, including research choices for students. It grows your viewpoints and opens up a universe of new era for you. Holding an international degree gives you more opportunity of job.

Living, studying and working in English speaking country could appear to be difficult however you will be shocked at how rapidly it turns into your natural way. Study abroad helps you with learning new ways to deal with various circumstances, Upgrade your specialized abilities, and give your CV an edge over partners.

When a student plan for study abroad, he mostly shortlisted three countries.UK, Australia and USA.

UK (United Kingdom)

UK is home to around 40 universities from the world’s top 200 ranked institutions. It has set a benchmark for different nations. Aside from this, there are more work opportunities in UK. The UK is best in what it serves. The way of life, custom, and individuals here make the city very inviting for new comer. The students have the opportunity to find out about interesting societies with native fellows from all over the country. The UK offers the best quality teaching, one of why student lean toward the UK from Pakistan. The QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) in UK assess the learning principles of all institutions. Aside from this, research principles are firmly checked by UK advanced education. These variables help the student to get the most ideal examination and learning according of their academic disciplines.

As Compared to Pakistan, the course duration in the UK is more limited. Here you can finish graduation in 3 years and post-graduation in only 1-year.


Australia is a destination for students as it’s the third most well-known English speaking country for international students (Times Higher Education).When you decide to study abroad in Australia, you’ll join countless similar youngsters who have come from every corner of the world. There are many motivations behind why studying in Australia is really smart, from the lovely sea shores to the natural beauty. International students prefer Australia due to its world-class education, post-study work opportunities, hospitable climate and a high standard of living.

Educational expense depends upon the sort of capability and the college or university you decide. For example, veterinary and practitioner trainings cost significantly more than other degrees. Most generally, courses in humanities, instruction and management are less expensive, while subjects, for example, medication and designing are probably more costly. On the off chance that you wish to study at a postgraduate level, the educational expense is normally higher, and the expenses fluctuate between the programs.

The everyday cost items in Australia rely upon numerous things, like your way of life, and the city you’re living in. Considering different costs and living expenses, international student financial plan in Australia comes to be around $140-280 every week.

 As an international student in Australia, you can work for an aggregate of 20 hours of the week during study and full-time during vacations. But firstly you want to get your Tax File Number (TFN).

USA (United State of America)

USA advanced education framework is viewed as truly outstanding in the world, and have valuable more than 4,000 schools and colleges. US degrees are perceived overall for their academic excellence and opportunities for growth.

Bachelor degree in the USA normally requires 4 years to finish. The initial 2 years normally required courses, like math, history, writing, and correspondences. The last 2 years focus on your chosen “major” subject.

If you study on a graduate degree at a US college, you’ll have numerous chances to acquire work in the USA. Most colleges have all around created temporary job projects and profession administrations. Worldwide students can take an interest in Optional Practical Training (OPT), which allow the study visa-holders to work in the USA in their field for 12 months after graduation. Assuming you complete a degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) field, you can extend your work placements to three years. Working for a US organization is a mind blowing opportunity that gives international students benefit in their career. If you are planning to study abroad while focusing these countries you need to meet a consultant. The AR education consultant in Lahore can assist you in all process as our team ensures the provision of best possible professional services for dealing with student’s foreign education related matters.