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Study in Sweden

Sweden is located on the east edge of the “Scandinavian Peninsula” in northern Europe. The total population of Sweden is 9,000,000 (9,000,000) out of which right around 2,000,000 (2,000,000) live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. “Swedish” is the local language of Sweden. Beginning in 1809, it been an “established government” and utilized a “parliamentary system of government” starting around 1719. This is the reason today knowledge and education is asset of Sweden. Globally forty Swedish colleges are top ranked. Education in Sweden is a remarkable and astonishing experience as well as you will not experience such sort of involvement elsewhere in the world. Swedish education offers a great environment. It will enhance your skills that you will you not find in advanced education across the globe. Life in Sweden can be a superb and heavenly choice for student who needs to live and study in Sweden.

Why Study in SWEDEN?

Sweden is extremely popular for its friendly environment particularly it invites international students. There are around 1,000 study and degree courses that are taught in the English language. Sweden is recognized to be among the best destination for Pakistani students. Swedish colleges enrolled a great number of international students every year. In spite of the fact that Sweden is well known for its educational programs with scholarships, many governments level and college level scholarship are available which helps the students from other states all over the world.

The advanced teaching system of Sweden includes modern and traditional college studies. A 3-level degree structure study program was reported in 2007 which are as following:

Undergraduate Studies:

 Högskoleexamen” diploma is granted after the completion of 120 credits. (Kandidatexamen) is granted after completion of “180″ credits, the four year degree which is equivalent to three years of full-time training. However, degrees courses in pharmaceutical, medication, brain science, dentistry. Design, engineering and law duration are from 4 to 6 years.

Master's Studies:

There are two kinds of master’s courses available in Sweden. The “Magisterexamen” term for one year and the “Masterexamen” goes on for a long time.

Doctoral Studies:

Normally, the term of Doctoral examinations is four years. It is a mix of hypothetical coursework and examination work for a theory.

Scholarship Opportunities:

There are various types of scholarship available in Sweden for international student. The most probably are from “The Swedish Institute” and the “university” themselves.

The Swedish Institute:

This is government support that help worldwide student who come here and study for higher education. It is just for researchers who are from different states; additionally they are only for specific study courses.

The University Scholarship:

A numbers of university and colleges invite Pakistani students for higher studies. You simply have to apply through an educational consultant to the concern university.

Some basic information is required such as:

  • Your country name
  • In which intake you are applying?
  • In which month you are applying?
  • What is your previous education?
  • In which course you are applying?

Additionally, your concerned university will give you complete and correct data including the application process, application due dates, and eligibility criteria.

Cost of Study:

The expense depends on the selected course and the university you have chosen to join. The expense of a university is near “50000 to 120000” SEK a year. In addition, Pakistani students have no requirements on doing a seasonal work.

VISA Requirement:

To study in Sweden you have to arrange some requirements like:

  • Application form
  • 2 copies of the passport
  • Educational degree 2 copies
  • University acceptance letter copy
  • Bank statement 2 copies
  • Health Insurance
  • Confirmation from the sponsor 1 copy
  • Visa processing fee


Student who live and study in Sweden from Pakistan, have an equivalent right to utilize the medical facility given by government and local organization. You just need to contact the “human administrations” in Sweden.


There are numerous characteristics that sort the Swedes different from their European nations as Swedes are exceptionally very humble. They talk softly and don’t get irritated without any problem. They are the most humble nation that you will meet. Swedes don’t work all the day. They take care of business and consume a great time with their family and their job. Dedication is actually a crucial trait of the Swedes. They love it and become more joyful when any individuals come in their country.

Another point is that Swedes are more gracious in dressing. They wear large warm shirt, slacks, and a coat (in the event that the temperature is exceptionally low).


There are many benefits to study in Sweden for Pakistani students, out of which some important points are given below

  • Study visas acceptance ratio for Sweden is outstanding.
  • Study visa requirements to study abroad in Sweden for Pakistani students are soft and compassionate.
  • Swedish has best academic and educational standard.
  • The starting expenditure are the lower than EU countries.
  • Students are allowed to work part-time during their study.

The AR education consultant in Lahore can assist you in all process as our team ensures the provision of best possible professional services for dealing with student’s foreign education related matters.