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UK Study Visa Requirements for Pakistani Students

Applying for a visa can take leave of one’s senses. But you do not need to be that ‘one’. 
Along with the consultancy and all the help that we provide you for getting a visa, we have jotted down some very important facts and information about visa requirements for you.
So don’t get distracted by what everyone is saying, stick with us and get to know what you need to get a visa as a Pakistani student. 
There are three types of student visas which are divided based on the type of study and age. 

Student route child visa

This visa is specified for students from 4 to 17 years aged students. The student must have an offer at an educational institute in the UK and a valid sponsor. The application must be submitted three months before the start of the course and the applicant must reach there one week before (for a six months course) and one month before (for a course more than six months).

Student route general visa

If you are 16 years or above in age and have been offered a place in a UK course, you are eligible to apply for this visa. You must have valid proof of sponsorship and must apply three months before the start of your course.
The arrival conditions are one week before (in case of a six months course) and one month before (in case of a course more than six months long).

Short term student visa

This visa type is for those who have been offered admission to any short-term course in the UK. You must have a valid sponsor and must apply three months before the start of the course.

* In all the above cases, you must be awarded a position in the relevant course by a UK institute.

UK study visa without IELTS

IELTS is the gateway to get into the UK for studying or any other reason. Showing a standard IELTS score means you are eligible to live, communicate, and deal with daily life matters in Britain. 
But, you must have listened about going to the UK without IELTS. Don’t worry! We are not going to say it is wrong. 
Because getting a UK visa without IELTS is possible with certain conditions. 

  • You must have cleared an English language test of the specific university you are getting into
  • Must have a proof of English proficiency by any recognized institute

Whether a university will take an independent test or accept the only IELTS completely at its discretion. But, according to some new rules, most of the universities take their independent English language tests which can serve as proof of your language proficiency.

UK study visa new rules

Where Britain has opened the routes for competent students, it has offered some amazing benefits as well. 
Guess what can be the best thing for you about the study visa? Nothing more than getting a post-study work visa opportunity for no less than two years!  
So, not only do you get your education from the world’s best universities, but you also get to work at the best-paid companies.
So, don’t wait anymore. This can exactly be your fate.  

UK student visa application

Applying with a strong and complete application is the most crucial stage for getting a visa. 

We stay all ears as to what the embassy may require and how to file a complete application where there remains no chance of refusal. The application documents include the following

  • A valid passport
  • A proof of sponsorship for your living and study expenses
  • Medical screening tests 
  • Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) from the university
  • IELTS or acceptable English proficiency proof
  • Attested academic documents
  • Reference letters  
  • Family registration certificate (FRC)
  • Marriage registration certificate (if married)
  • Passport sized colored photograph
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)

-Every document must be in English or translated into English.

-The interview (if taken) must preferably be given in English (without a translator) otherwise the chance of approval may reduce significantly.

How can getting a visa with AR make your life easy?

AR Education is committed to removing the worries of achieving the visa and fulfilling the exact necessities of the application. Our team stays in touch with all the requirements of the embassy and prepares you accurately according to them.

Categorically speaking, the following are the areas where you will find us standing by you.

  • Preparing a strong application
  • Completing the requirements of embassy
  • Application filing 
  • Interview preparation