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Canada Student Visa Requirements for Pakistani Students

Achieving a Canadian visa is difficult but not at all impossible. You need to be very careful while applying, completing the application documents, and meeting all the requirements of the embassy. We recommend meeting a professional in this regard so that there remains not even a minor chance of rejection. Our counselors at AR education are fully equipped with all the knowledge and experience to make sure you get your visa. That is the reason; AR has maintained the highest visa ratio in Pakistan.   Let us move toward the process of visa filing and how we will help you. As a Pakistani student, you must have the following documents to apply for a Canadian visa.

  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Updated CV
  • Current passport
  • IELTS or other acceptable English proficiency proof
  • Health Insurance (medical tests)
  • A proof of sponsorship for your studies and living expenses
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Experience letters (in case of any study gaps)

Canadian Visa Types

As a Pakistani student, you can apply for one of the two kinds of visas. Both are distinguished based on the amount in the bank statement and the time duration in visa granting.

SDS Visa

Canada has announced its new student direct stream visa to get you your visa within 21 days. This visa type removes most of the complexities of the process and increases the chances of attaining a visa. What you need to do is to pay your full-year fee and make a block account of CAD 10,000.  You can withdraw this money in installments after you reach there. Moreover, to be a competent applicant, you must not have your IELTS score less than 6.0 in any module. Apart from the money that you get to spend, an SDS visa removes the rest of the worries.


This visa type is for those who do not want to pay their full-year fee. With a half-year fee and no block account, you can get a non-SDS student visa. The only drawback of a non-SDS visa is that you will get it in 90 days. But if you do not want to spend a big amount before going to Canada, non-SDS is a good choice. Don’t forget that making no block account does not remove the compulsion of bank statements that you have to maintain for 28 days.

Canadian Student-Visa Application Process

For a Canadian visa, you do not need to make an online account like an Australian visa. Instead, the process is carried out by completing the application and submitting it physically. The application filing is simple. The only complex process is completing all the required documents for it.

How we, at AR Education, can help you?

We, at AR, not only prepare your strong application for the process but also make you prepared to justify all the things that you have mentioned in the application through interview preparation. Categorically speaking, the following are the areas where you will find us standing by you.

  • Preparing a strong application
  • Completing the requirements of embassy
  • Application filing
  • Interview preparation