What Services We Provide

We deal in overseas education, IELTS preparation and professional Spoken English courses

Free Assessment

For determining the strengths which can give you an edge while applying for world top universities or for moving ahead in your future, we conduct extensive counseling sessions with students. These sessions are specified for pre-career testing, academic, extracurricular and leadership qualities’ evaluation, and strengths and weaknesses identification.

University Eligibility Criteria

The search for finding the best university according to your interests, previous education and budget can be a difficult and tricky procedure. Our counselors, with their expertise about the knowledge of all world famous universities, make things easiest for you by guiding you about the universities whose eligibility criteria can be met best by you.

Visa Guidance

We offer comprehensive visa application and filing guidance. With an aim to simplify the process for students and make sure that they file the right visa at the appropriate time with complete and accurate information, our office provides the complete procedure counseling. Moreover, to maintain our 100 percent visa success rate, our UK office prepares the students completely for the embassy interview.

Admission Services

Once you have narrowed down the educational institutes and a relevant program, our London head office carries the process of ensuring your admission in the university forward. With a stellar reputation for providing quality students, AR Education has maintained a 100 percent admission success rate till now.

Complains Assistance

Our commitment to maintain transparency, honesty and a relation of trust with our clients is the reason that our staff or their services have never let us down before clients. But still, if you have any complaint about our service or professional conduct, feel free to contact us regarding any complaints.

Student Accommodation

We understand that adjusting to a new place can be difficult. So, to make you feel like home at a new country, we try to offer a welcome or otherwise ensure that you receive all the support regarding accommodation.

Pre and Post Departure Services

We offer comprehensive Pre and Post Departure Services to students. This includes navigating individual accommodation requirements, itinerary preparation, flight bookings and other forms of assistance that you may need.

Part Time Job Guidance

Most of the countries now have introduced some flexible terms for doing jobs pat time. We provide complete information about their rules, fixed job hours, available jobs and even job finding assistance once you have arrived the destination.

Advice For Parents

We encourage parents, who are interested to gain in-depth knowledge about UK education and admission process for their children, to bring forward their concerns before our counselors. Our friendly and experienced team understands and gives proper consideration to parental issues and you can contact them any time for free advice. You can visit our head office and talk face-to-face to our advisers if you are living in the UK or Pakistan. Otherwise, you can contact us on phone, Facebook, Instagram, E-mail or WhatsApp.

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