Study in Northumbria University

Bearing a motto of “the age of learning” and carrying a legacy of one and a half century forward, Northumbria has appeared on world’s stage as one of the world-beating universities.

The varsity needs no introduction when we see it as a part of the Wallace Group and the Association of Commonwealth.

Here we have everything about this university completely covered for you. 

Where is Northumbria University?

The main campus of Northumbria University is situated in Newcastle; a port city in the north east of England.

Apart from being a very artistic city carrying the aesthetics of beautiful buildings, it has, for long, been a ship building and manufacturing hub. Apart from that, it is a center of business, art and science, too.

Still, if you are that person who would prefer London as the city of their residence, here is the good news. Northumbria has its campus in London, too.    

Why Pakistani Students should study in Northumbria University?

Having Silver award in teaching and multiple other awards, this university has been successful to attract students from all over the world. From social sciences, business and law, engineering and environment to health and life sciences, this institute offers almost any subject.

With a multicultural environment that is made with 26450 students, it leaves no reason to not to choose it as your alma mater as a Pakistani student. 

Admission criteria in Northumbria University

To secure admission in Northumbria University, you need to have following documents and meet the mentioned below criteria.

Northumbria Undergraduate programs

If you are looking for studying an undergraduate course, worry not! A number of courses from almost every field are waiting for you.

Some of them are listed here
Computer Sciences
Data Analytics
Information Technology
Cyber Security etc.

Northumbria Postgraduate programs

Just as undergraduate courses, a number of postgraduate courses are offered with and without advanced practice (whichever you prefer). Some of the most wanted postgraduate courses are mentioned below.

International Project Management
Engineering (mechanical, chemical, electrical and many more)
Business Administration
Artificial Intelligence
Applied Economics
and many more

How AR education can help you in achieving admission in Northumbria University?

At AR, we help in achieving the admission through the following things

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