Consultancy for Canada in Lahore

Canada as an education destination anticipates you! The best commodity to study abroad is that a student can acknowledge weather, civilization, a marvelous living style with outstanding education system which is not easy to compare. When a student resides in Canada, he has a chance for various adventures.

Canada is indecipherable, astonishing, and worth living country and has always been a source of attraction for international students. Economy of Canada is much advanced. It is on ten levels in ostensible terms and the sixteen biggest Gross domestic products in the worldwide through PPP. Canada is perceived intercontinental for its magnificent quality from primary school to senior-high school studies.

Education in Canada:

  • Education system is internationally conceded
  • Academic fees are affordable as compared to other English countries.
  • Canada graduated students are often suitable for PSW
  • Students from Canadian Universities are well-eligible for applying permanent residence.
  • Canada is consolidating of many cultures that give you the moment to reconnoiter as much as you want.

Guidance Regarding Study in Canada:

First step to take a decision regarding foreign education to consult a Canadian visa consultant who can guide you related to academic options, specific courses and circumstances. The best consultant in Lahore is renovating to the latest academic options and visa policies. Once you decided the preferred institutions and courses, the application procedure will start. If you are accepted by university, you will receive an unconditional admission letter for admission. You just need for the visa application process.

Adventure of Canada is hold back for the people who are willing to enjoy its beauty of aroma with distinction in study. It is like come across a world that is non-identical to yours. Studying in Canada provides you a different and charming experience. Economy of Canada is the highest in the world and therefore you need more money to apply in its university and college. In this scenario you need to search the best consultant in Lahore who can help you in selecting right choice for foreign university. Canada is highly acknowledged as a charming and sensational country for study in post graduate education.

Canada Visa and Requirement:

Canadian consultant In Lahore helps the students who desire to study in Canada. The visa filing can be done through online or manually. While filing paper, you require visiting at embassy at your city, to filing your documents. At embassy, you are supposed to give biometrics; this can be done online and physically as well.

The basic requirement when you apply for study visa is you need to show that you are proficient of finance. A student has to prove that he can pay 833 $month In Canada. This can be sure from your current bank account and also from an external source.

For native Pakistani candidates, to demonstrate English speaking proficiency is not compulsory. They are also not required an account that shows the sum of money that can be withdrawn in a month. Students entering Canada have to go through a medical exam firstly to enter the premises of the country.

Time Required For Study Visa ?

It is excellent to apply for visa process when you receive an unconditional from the university. Applying at least 4 to 6 months before initiation of your year at the university is the secure option. Canada visa process can be a tedious task but it can be made trouble free with the guidance given above.

Cost of Study in Canada:

Study in Canada varies from study programs as;

Doctoral degree: $7,000 to $15,000/year

Undergraduate program; $13,000 to $20,000/year

Postgraduate master’s degree: $17,000 to $25,000/year

Work Opportunities for Students in Canada:

As a student part-time and off campus jobs are available. Students can work for up to 20 hours during study hours. After master’s degree completion, students can apply for a work permit program within 90 days after graduation. They can also work for an equal time as the length of the program maximum of three years.

Student Admission Details:

Applicants should have completed Canadian equivalent of grade 12, and meet the English language requirements. Students have to show English proficiency through either ILETS or TOEFL and PTE.

Student Life in Canada:

Canada is a great place to live and grow. The instructors are concerned and students can experience a safe environment. Students can conduct actual research and are guided by their mentors.

Scholarships in Canada:

Canada is offering scholarships to foreigners at Bachelors, Master and Ph.D. level. People in Canada are also amicable and friendly. Scholarships are available on merit basis and some other factors like publications or research purposes. Scholarships in Canada are the most challenging thing that assists the Canadian economy enhancement with the invitation of more foreign students in their country.

Who Will Show You The Roadmap To Your Success?

AR Education Consultants, founded in 2002, one of the most leading consultancies and IELTS/PTE Training Institute in Lahore will help you out to translate your dreams into reality and will get you through the whole process of admission, interview preparation and visa filing, as our team of experts ensures the provision of best possible professional services for dealing with student’s foreign education related matters.